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Paper 1
Title Beyond Accountability: Using Obligations to Reduce Risk Exposure and Deter Insider Attacks
Authors Nathalie Baracaldo and James Joshi
Paper 2
Title User-Centric Management of Distributed Credential Repositories: Balancing Availability and Vulnerability
Authors Jens Köhler, Jens Mittag and Hannes Hartenstein
Paper 3
Title Heuristic Safety Analysis of Access Control Models
Authors Peter Amthor, Winfried Kühnhauser and Anja Pölck
Paper 4
Title An Information Flow Control Meta-model
Authors Dennis Kafura and Denis Gracanin
Paper 5
Title ERBAC: Event-Driven RBAC
Authors Piero Bonatti, Clemente Galdi and Davide Torres
Paper 6
Title A White-Box Policy Analysis and its Efficient Implementation
Authors Jayalakshmi Balasubramaniam and Philip Fong
Paper 7
Title Ensuring continuous compliance through reconciling policy with usage
Authors Suresh Chari, Ian Molloy, Youngja Park and Wilfried Teiken
Paper 8
Title Private Data Warehouse Queries
Authors Xun Yi, Russell Paulet, Elisa Bertino and Guandong Xu
Paper 9
Title Constraint Expressions and Workflow Satisfiability
Authors Jason Crampton and Gregory Gutin
Paper 10
Title A Storage-Efficient Cryptography-Based Access Control Solution for Subversion
Authors Dominik Leibenger and Christoph Sorge
Paper 11
Title Combining Social Authentication and Untrusted Clouds for Private Location Sharing
Authors Andrew K Adams and Adam J. Lee
Paper 12
Title Evolving Role Definitions Through Permission Invocation Patterns
Authors Wen Zhang, You Chen, Carl Gunter, David Liebovitz and Bradley Malin
Paper 13
Title Towards Static Privacy Policy Analysis With Application to HIPAA
Authors Omar Chowdhury, Andreas Gampe, Jianwei Niu, Jeffery von Ronne, Jared Bennatt, Anupam Datta, Limin Jia and William Winsborough
Paper 14
Title HyXAC: a hybrid approach for XML access control
Authors Manogna Thimma, Tsam Kai Tsui and Bo Luo
Paper 15
Title Information Flow Control for Stream Processing in Clouds
Authors Xing Xie, Indrakshi Ray, Raman Adaikkalavan and Rose Gamble
Paper 16
Title Specification and Analysis of Access Control Policies for Mobile Applications
Authors Ramadan Abdunabi and Indrakshi Ray
Paper 17
Title Least-Restrictive Enforcement of the Chinese Wall Security Policy
Authors Alireza Sharifi and Mahesh Tripunitara
Paper 18
Title Property-Testing Real-World Authorization Systems
Authors Alireza Sharifi, Paul Bottinelli and Mahesh Tripunitara
Paper 19
Title Minimization of Access Control Policies
Authors Marco Guarnieri, Mario Arrigoni Neri, Eros Magri and Simone Mutti



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