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Title State-aware Network Access Management for Software-Defined Networks
Authors Wonkyu Han, Hongxin Hu, Ziming Zhao, Adam Doupé, Gail-Joon Ahn, Kuang-Ching Wang and Juan Deng
Title Boosting GSHADE Capabilities: New Applications and Security in Malicious Setting
Authors Julien Bringer, Hervé Chabanne, Othmane El Omri and Constance Morel
Title On Decision-Combining Operators in Attribute-Based Access Control
Authors Conrad Williams and Jason Crampton
Title Automated Fault Localization of XACML Policies
Authors Dianxiang Xu, Zhenyu Wang, Shuai Peng and Ning Shen
Title Extended ReBAC Administrative Models to Express Multi-Tenant RBAC Policies
Authors Yuan Cheng, Khalid Bijon and Ravi Sandhu
Title An Empirical Study on User Access Control in Online Social Networks
Authors Minyue Ni, Yang Zhang, Weili Han and Jun Pang
Title A Space-Efficient Data Structure for Fast Access Control in ECM Systems
Authors Zhiping Wu and Frank Tompa
Title Tri-Modularization of Firewall Policies
Authors Haining Chen, Omar Chowdhury, Ninghui Li, Warut Khern-Am-Nuai, Suresh Chari, Ian Molloy and Youngja Park
Title Policy Negotiation for Co-owned Resources in Relationship-Based Access Control
Authors Pooya Mehregan and Philip W. L. Fong
Title Enabling Dynamic Access Control for Controller Applications in Software-Defined Networks
Authors Hitesh Padekar, Younghee Park, Hongxin Hu and Sang-Yoon Chang
Title Modular Synthesis of Enforcement Mechanisms for the Workflow Satisfiability Problem: Scalability and Reusability
Authors Daniel Ricardo Dos Santos, Serena Elisa Ponta and Silvio Ranise
Title GemRBAC-DSL: a High-level Specification Language for Role-based Access Control Policies
Authors Ameni Ben Fadhel, Domenico Bianculli and Lionel Briand
Title Resiliency Policies in Access Control Revisited
Authors Jason Crampton, Gregory Gutin and Rémi Watrigant
Title A Framework of Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption with Outsourcing and Revocation
Authors Sherman S. M. Chow
Title A Context-Aware System to Secure Enterprise Content
Authors Oyindamola Oluwatimi, Daniele Midi and Elisa Bertino
Title Start Here: Engineering Scalable Access Control Systems
Authors Aaron Elliott and Scott Knight
Title PolyStream: Cryptographically Enforced Access Controls for Outsourced Data Stream Processing
Authors Cory Thoma, Adam J. Lee and Alexandros Labrinidis
Title An Application Restriction System for Bring-Your-Own-Device Scenarios
Authors Oyindamola Oluwatimi and Elisa Bertino
Title (Short paper) Detecting Privilege Escalation Attacks through Instrumenting Web Application Source Code
Authors Jun Zhu, Bill Chu and Heather Lipford
Title (Short paper) Data-Centric Access Control for Cloud Computing
Authors Thomas Pasquier, Jean Bacon, David Eyers and Jatinder Singh
Title (Short paper) Formal Comparison of an Attribute Based Access Control Language for RESTful Services with XACML
Authors Marc Hüffmeyer and Ulf Schreier



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